The Mission Possible European Retreat is a time that we can get together with friends and be encouraged in the Word of God and share each others’ burdens.

The Retreat encourages us, helps me make forever friends and the music is a huge blessing and all the testimonies.

I so enjoyed sharing blessings and concerns with brothers and sisters in the Lord. God is so good to give us time to just dwell on Him and others.

This is our 5th consecutive year at this retreat and has been a special blessing to us.

The most encouraging meeting I have ever attended.

It was good to be with family after being away for 7 years. It will honestly be hard to go back to 24-7 but I’m encouraged and will be praying for all.

We always enjoy coming to this Homecoming Family Reunion. It is always an encouragement to our hearts and keeps us charged for the rest of the year.

This retreat has consistently been the most helpful and encouraging meeting that my wife and I have ever been part of. We will save and Lord willing, be back next year.

The variety of music was great!

Best ever – Great because of Spirit directed leadership, Spirit powered preaching and Spirit filled fellowship.

The preaching and teaching were such an encouragement. It has been great having all the fellowship with others that are in similar situations as us.

The preaching was encouraging and challenging. It was a blessing to spend time with other missionaries.

The fellowship was a major blessing – I was reluctant to come (finances) but so glad I did. The last time I attended was the first and it was much smaller. So great to see how it has grown and how it ministers to all who attend.

My “Joy in the Lord” has been rediscovered in His Word.

It was an encouragement to us. It is too easy to just see the negative. Our joy is in the Lord!

The theme of Joy of the Lord was Great and something we all struggle with at times. Making new friends and strengthening our relationship with our fellow laborers was a great blessing.

This has been a Real Treat and next year it will be a RE-TREAT! Great preaching and fellowship.

It was a blessing to be united with family – enjoying the encouragement and refreshing of precious fellowship.

The messages and teaching challenged me in specific areas that helped me change my attitude & my heart; it also helped me to refocus and encouraged me in my relationship with the Lord!

Being able to see the people who pray for me and love me was so encouraging. Meeting new people and learning something from everyone also encouraged me. I look forward to next year.

It is such a blessing to be able to see old friends and make new friends. The fellowship and encouraging words from the “seasoned” missionaries was great. Sometimes a hug was just as much as a blessing.

The Mission Possible European Retreat was a joy because everyone expressed their joy in the Lord and love for each other. Thank you!!!!

Thank you for not making the retreat “mission board related’. We like the idea of coming together as missionaries for encouragement.