General Information

Rates & Information

Dates: November 9 - 13, 2020

We will begin the Retreat with the evening meal on Monday, November 9th and finish with breakfast on Saturday, November 14th.

All fees paid in cash must be in Euros.

If a check in American dollars is used, it must be written at the exchange rate at the time of arrival at the Gasthaus zum Lamm. Credit cards not accepted.

Registration fees:

$25 Single – $40 Couple – $50 Family

Lodging & Meals:

Adults – 40 EUROS Per Night, PER Person
Children – (0-3 years – free); (4-10 years – 50%) and (11 and above – 100%)

Rooms with Private Baths
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Included

What To Bring:

Bible, Warm Casual Clothing, Wash Cloth, Umbrella, Camera & Film
and Passport (If necessary)

Hotel Location: – (Just Outside Rothenburg, o.d.T., Germany)

Gasthaus zum Lamm
Schlossstrasse 2 – 4
D-91607 Gebsattel, Germany

Tel: 09861-8968
Fax: 09861-86924

Hotel Owned By The Family Since 1888

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