October 28 - November 1, 2024

(We begin with the evening meal on Monday, and finish with breakfast on Saturday, November 2nd.)

One of the tragic realities of modern day missions is the high rate of attrition. We live in a fast-paced world, and many are involved in fast-paced and high pressure ministries. With the demands on our time, our families and ourselves, is it any wonder there are so few missionaries remaining on the fields of the world?

In an effort to stem the tide, and to provide meaningful encouragement in a relaxing environment, the Mission Possible European Retreat was born in the hearts of a small group of servants who simply wanted to be a blessing to others.

This meeting is like no other. It’s not about mission boards, the largest attendance, and the biggest offerings. Instead, Mission Possible European Retreat is about encouraging independent Baptist missionaries to stay on the field by giving them what they need to keep going. It also focuses on inviting couples and single adults to consider the will of God concerning missionary service. These goals are accomplished through great preaching, inspiring music, and lots of free time for fellowship with others who understand the realities faced by today’s missionaries.

Each year missionaries and church members from all over Europe and North America attend the Retreat. We would like to invite you to make plans to attend this year’s Retreat. We know that you will receive a blessing.

Please click here to view the 25 Anniversary Promotional Video!

Here is a quick loading link to our latest Retreat video.  It is 15 minutes long.


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